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The Scarlet Harlot

Tales from Urbanburg

That OTHER Webcomic
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By Kabuki and Lightblighter

If you haven't started reading yet, what's your excuse?

This is a community about the Scarlet Harlot webcomic on Keenspace.

The Scarlet Harlot has her humble origins based in our campus newspaper, as it was the name of a "sex worker" *coughwhorecough* interviewed during a "Sex Workers' Rights" convention.

So, we liked the name and ran with it. =P

Maintained by:

liquid_gravity (AKA Lightblighter)


kabukikatze (AKA...um...kabuki)


Character designs can be found in the gallery of Kabuki's DeviantArt page. Just an FYI for all the rabid fans. ;)
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